Alchemy for the Soul and Body – Crystal Healing

Earth’s consciousness supports humanity’s awakening towards the discovery of forgotten and ancient stones for healing arts such as crystals. The crystals belong to the mineralogical kingdom. They are universal energies which allow you to connect and synthesize individual energies in order for healing or integration. Every crystal has its own personality and can be used in different ways to help understand the Earth’s nature. The gift of nature to mankind, crystals can be found in many shapes and sizes. Each crystal has a different vibrational resonance because of their mineral content, inherent geometry and color frequency. They can also be used as powerful healing tools.

The healing method known as crystal healing involves placing gemstones and/or crystals on, around, or on, the body. They can also be used to stimulate the points on the feet. To increase energy flow, the same color crystals may be used on each chakra. Alternatively, one can sit down and meditate with the crystal held in your hands. These crystals can be used to heal on all levels. They help to restore balance and to cleanse blocked energy.

Because crystals are perfect electromagnetic conductors, the human body’s vibratory energy can interact with them. The resonance of crystals can activate energy centers and positively affect the entire system. Many crystals are rich in minerals, which are often used for modern medicine. These crystals are piezoelectric. This means they can generate electricity, sometimes light by compressing and sound waves. Crystal healers and shamans have known for ages that crystals can focus light and sound vibrations to create a concentrated beam of healing energy. These crystals have been used to align subtle energies, dissolve disease and get at the root cause of problems.

Since the beginning of civilisation, crystals have been revered and used. For thousands of years, crystals have been linked to specific organs and parts of the human body. Many of these connections are derived from Eastern and Western Astrology. Traditional Chinese Medicine and India’s Ayurvedic Records claim that crystals can be used to heal. These formulas are more than 5,000 years old. They also appear in medical prescriptions today. Crystals are mentioned in the Christian Bible more than 200 times. They have been discovered in Babylonia’s ruins and the tombs of Chinese rulers. Many early civilizations (American Indians, Mayan, Aztecs, Africans, Celtics) used quartz crystals for sacred ceremonies.

Individuals are responsible for their own healing. However, crystals can be used to facilitate this process and allow one to regain his or her wholeness. It is easy to choose a crystal that best captures your energy. You can also refer to crystal healing indexes for help in identifying the right crystals. These powerful crystalline entities are sacred instruments that support our individual spiritual journeys. They act as gateways to greater awareness, personal development, harmony, well-being and healing support. Crystal healing is an alchemical process in which crystal energy and our core vibration are combined to create divine clarity.