How to Invest Gold in My IRA – Investment Options & Ideas

I decided that I would take the plunge in a pool of golden. Now I have to decide where and what form of gold my IRA is going to buy. Due to the popularity of gold, it can be hard to find reliable information online. There are a few independent advisors. But not many. They’re also not as loud than most of the brokers/dealers in gold. I was able to learn some basics, and I will now make my final decision from this list. You can get the best gold IRA company in this sites.

Optional investment in Gold IRAs

Bullion Bars- These bars are physical, gold bars and can cost as much as ten grand depending upon the price of an ounce. My IRA is buying gold so I won’t see the bar, hold it or store them. But, the physicality a real bar holds a lot weight (pun intended).

Coins – This is a physical entity. However only certain kinds of coins can be placed in an IRA. They cannot be considered collectibles and they do not have to be proof. For more information on gold coin, please visit the internet. If you intend to store them in an IRA or other financial institution, be sure that they aren’t rare and collectible.

Gold Exchange-Trade Funds (derivatives that track up and down the value of gold ounces) No matter how simple it may sound, I will not buy any derivatives from my IRA.

Gold certificates – basically a document proving your IRA owns X quantity of bullion.

Mining Company Stock/Gold Mutual Funds. It’s self-explanatory. No matter what the company, I do not want to play with stocks.

There are options for what is sometimes called e-gold. They are, to me, the same thing as bullion, since that’s where my IRA money is going.

I am directing my IRA for gold investment insurance. In other words, I want to diversify the risk and spread out potential losses across different investment forms. I don’t really want the cost of storage or transport for bars or coins. I don’t want stock and will not buy, trade or store anything made from real money. I want the trading process to be quick and simple. I am going to online gold trading.

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